Counselling & Therapy

At our first meeting we would discuss how counselling or therapy might benefit you. Some clients choose a brief solution-focused approach of up to 6 sessions which can include setting goals and introducing strategies to address their problems; others prefer to continue on a longer term basis. The client can chose to end counselling at any time.

I aim to provide clients with a safe and secure environment where they can talk about difficulties in a way not possible with family or friends. I do not give advice, nor do I judge what people say.
My aim is to facilitate clients to make choices, set and achieve goals, and gain awareness of what might be holding them back or getting in the way of a more effective way of dealing with problems.

Gaining self-awareness - becoming more aware of thoughts and feelings which might have been blocked off  – is an important aspect of the process of counselling and psychotherapy.


    Professional Standards

I am required to maintain continuous professional development through courses and training and I have to provide evidence of my professional development and practice for annual re-accreditation with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).


I am professionally insured with public liability insurance.


JRD Counselling | professional - experienced - counsellor

Ludgate Hill Practice
89 Fleet Street, London, 
EC4Y 1DH. United Kingdom

Email: jenny@jrdcounselling.co.uk


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